Sights and Cider

July 3rd -9th 2018

While the rest of the world all appear to be going to the same destination, eighteen twenty wines and The Maine Brew Bus are looking for something a little more enriching and we’ve teamed up with Longer Vacations to deliver just that. We want to blaze our own trail and go where we’re guaranteed to meet the locals.

Where the golden shorelines meet lush green valley and towering peaks. Where history leaves a physical handprint with some of the finest cave art seen anywhere, and where great civilizations; from the Stone Age, to the Celts and even the Romans have made an ever-present impression on this region of Spain. We invite you to do the same.

Experience the highest quality of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and explore the history and culture that is Northern Spain.

We hope you can join us this July.

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With a perfect balance of indulgence and adventure, Northern Spain is a spectacular part of the world to visit. We’ve designed this itinerary to provide ample opportunity to explore the diversity of this spectacular landscape.

But this area is also a feast of flavors, tastes, and aromas that is a real treat for the senses. So you should know that we have made arrangements to search for rich red Rioja’s, crisp Cava, local craft breweries to some of the best ciders in the world.

Plan to travel to Spain to visit Barcelona just before our trip, or maybe you’ll decide to spend time at the end in Madrid or the surrounding areas. Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to tackle part of the Santiago Do Compostela.
This trip is one that you will remember forever.
Leaving behind the colorful, modernist city of Barcelona. We travel to the outskirts of Barcelona and get the trip of to an energetic start with visit to a Cava winery in the heart of the wine region D.O. Cava.. With bottles clinking, we continue inland to Zaragoza. But not before we pay homage to the wine region of D.O. La Rioja before continuing onto San Sebastian. A jewel of the Basque region and a city that gives huge respect to its food and drink offerings.
After the excitement (and pace) of yesterday, today is all about slowing down and appreciating the sensory overload that is this European city of culture. San Sebastian is one of the greatest cities in Europe. Whether it’s trying a wide range of mouth-watering Pintxos (Tapas), washed down with a little Txakoli (dry sparkling wine), enjoying one of the wide variety of local craft Brews, or perhaps a day on one of the most perfect beaches in Europe. The choice is yours to make. Perhaps you’re a bit more culture-focused? Put on your walking boots and explore the Old Quarter or the more modern architecture at the Kursall building or the Tabakalera, a 90-year-old Tobacco factory, reinvented into a hub of arts, design, and local culture.
Leave plenty time for exploring the night scene, when the city really comes to life; from cider houses and small craft beer focused bars feeling peckish? Try one (or many)  tapas bars, all the way up to high-end dining. (San Sebastián is one of the cities in the world to hold the highest number of Michelin stars per square meter (only beaten by Kyoto, Japan)! Yum.)
Hate to leave, but love to go! Daring and innovative we must be. Two words that encouraged Frank Gehry, the architect behind the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao to design a building that would forever change the world of architecture. This morning we take some time to explore this amazing building, both inside and out. Bilbao is quickly gaining a great reputation in the craft beer scene and in true Maine Brew Bus style we will explore and put this theory to the test. In the the afternoon, the merry little journey continues onto Santander. A city that like Portland, last a lot due to a huge recent fire. Santander has all the characterizer and charm that you’d expect from a city rising from the ashes. A coastal city, with a modern twist.
After a visit to the medieval town of Santillana Del Mar, we travel inland a little into the Pico De Europa, the first National Park in Spain. One of the most stunning National Parks in Spain, if not Europe. A truly unspoiled landscape of jagged peaks, and rolling green hills, deep gorges, and glistening lakes. A pristine landscape just begging to be explored and If you’re up for one of the best hiking trails in Spain the Ruta Del Cares should satisfy, this 11km trail is considered one of the most beautiful natural sites in the country. So if you carry any guilt from the indulgences of the previous few days, you get to leave it here.
Afterward we make our way toward Oviedo which will be our base for the remainder of the tour as we dive deep into our passion for all things Sidra / cider. This festival is an in-depth look into, not just a beverage, but a culture. A history and of pure, raw passion for the love of the process. A process that inspired Pete and Amanda down the path to eighteen twenty wines.
The Cider festival at Nava is highly regarded as one of the worlds best cider festivals, The Octoberfest of beers, without all the hype. This festival has been running since the 60’s and with its cider and cider pouring contest, includes many activities linked to the world of apples and cider, while also the Asturian culture and traditions, renewing its program every year. Nava is one of the Asturian cider production capitals, where cider makers and brewers, with both classic and totally modern premises, meet. As we ease into the festivities, we reach the more independent part of the trip. While Cider is the reason for being here, the region has much to offer.
Europe does festivals well. Spain does them even better. Yes, Cider is the theme. The reality is this is a beautiful confluence of culture, gastronomy, music and of course, cider. A fusion of aromas, flavors, and of sounds all coming together to immerse you in a destination and sense of place. A union that fuses a sensory cocktail for the senses. I truly believe that every itinerary created, should include a local festival. It’s indescribable. You truly leave a piece of yourself, and it in return it leaves you with something special.
Though-out the day, Pete and Amanda bring their own enthusiasm and brilliance to the occasion, as you get to share in the passion and the first overseas adventure together.
All good things must come to an ends…Today we travel back towards to Madrid to catch our flight back to the USA, or to those of you that depart and wish to spend more time exploring this amazing destination.