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March 13th -20th

It’s a rare treat to travel with like minded people. So when the Brew Bus got talking to Independent Ireland we came to the conclusion… if there is one place that has mastered their passion for beer as much as the US, it might just be our friendly neighbors across the pond.

So for 2019 we’ve partnered with the locals to take us there and to add a touch of magic we’re going for St Patricks Day, and you’re invited to join us!


One of the great common denominators in the world of travel today is food and drink. No matter where you seem to go; the farmers, the producers, the stores, and ultimately the consumers. US. It plays a huge part in connecting people and places together. We here at the Brew Bus want to go explore the best and experience St Patrick day for ourselves.

We want to combine the stunning landscape in Ireland with it’s emerging craft beer industry and the people behind it. We want to take you beyond the ordinary and into the mystic. Not to just visit Ireland, but to dive in head first. To immerse ourselves in its culture, history, music, its food and beverage scene, but more importantly its people.

Go See for yourself…

Depart USA all Eastbound flights to Ireland depart in the evening, so you fly overnight and and arrive early the following day.
After meeting in Dublin (city and airport pick up available) we leave the city and travel though Kildare and Ireland’s Ancient East as we stop in Kildare where we get an introduction to the Craft Beer scene in Ireland from Mark Twig. Mark is the wildly passionate head brewer at CANVAS Brewing, a new brewery on the scene that’s all about locally sourced ingredients. Mark will take us on a journey from farm to glass, using locally grown barley and hops. Later in the afternoon we visit Mark’s own farm and then continue driving through rural towns and villages taking in this majestic landscape (stopping for a few brews along the way) before finally arriving at the brewery where they invite you to “brew your own story” and we’ll be doing just that.  

Accommodation TBA

The morning will be free for those that wish to spend the morning around the brewery, or to explore the local activities: Cycling, Hiking, or Kayaking options are available locally . After taking in the local area we leave the River Shannon behind make out way to the Atlantic coast or what is now referred to as the Wild Atlantic Way, a 2,500km tour de force. The longest coastal driving route in the world and definitely one of the most scenic, and this region is one of the highlights. As we approach the West you’ll notice a dramatic change in landscape as the rolling green hills give way to a rocky limestone landscape that formed 350 Million years ago. The Burren is a very unique part of Ireland and supports flora and fauna that is usually only found in Alpine, Mediterranean and Antarctic regions. Tis’ thirsty work though and Peter will be waiting for us at the Railroad Bar, to share an amazing stout that he makes in his brewery above the bar. His partner  runs one of the best smokehouses in the country and they will have the freshest of Atlantic Salmon available for tasting.

Accommodation: Absolute Hotel Limerick

This morning we make our way into Kerry, but not without learning the true history of the genuine Irish Coffee and the story around it… what better way to start the day!  Dingle town itself is about a charming a village as you’ll see anywhere (recently voted most scenic place on the planet) not only offers unparalleled scenic vistas, but also has a fantastic Whiskey and Gin distillery. It is also home to an exceptional brewery called West Kerry Brewery. Adrienne brews her own beers with water from their own fresh water spring and botanicals from her own garden, this small batch brewery is a name to watch. It’s also is one of the few breweries in Ireland with a bar attached to the brewery, and not just any bar, Tig Bhric is one of Dingles finest.

Dingle has some of the best pubs in the country and a selection of brilliant restaurants serving the best food this island has to offer. The spectacular Slea Head drive is like something out of a movie… many movies in fact. As if thats not enough, the place is literally a living museum, you’ll pass forts that date back to 800BC, a stone church that dates back to early christianity and ogham stones that allow you to touch a medieval language. This area has the most dense and wide ranging archaeological monument in Western Europe. But did I mention the great beer and Whiskey along the way… It’s a long day, but a great one.

Accommodation: Benner’s Hotel Dingle

To many this day is a day of green costumes, green beer and green everything in-between. We will start the day off with a very early morning tradition that dates back hundreds of years (wouldn’t you love to know!) shortly we make our way through some of Irelands charming small towns and villages as we explore Ireland on a day like no other. We go beyond the gentrification of the day and dive into the real stories and traditions around the country. All while meeting the local families, schools and fully immerse ourselves in an experience  like no other. 

We arrive into Cork just as it all starts coming to a crescendo of merriment  for the St Patricks Day festival in the city.  A day thats packed solid with parades. street entertainment, music, food, pubs… If there was ever a day to be in Ireland, it’s today.

This morning we leave Cork and (delicately)  make our way the harbor town of Kinsale. A town known for its narrow streets, colorful houses, great restaurants  and scenic walks. After getting some fresh Atlantic Ocean salty air in our lungs, we travel to Blacks of Kinsale. Blacks are one of our favorite brewers  in the country and one that we can’t pass-by while in the neighborhood. Sam and Maudeline have been brewing beer here since 2013 and it’s pretty perfect, they have also recently started distilling gin and rum, and I think you’ll agree, they know what they are doing.  We will offer some free time in Kinsale for lunch and enjoy the view from Charles Fort before continuing back into Cork City for the evening. From here the choice is yours, rest and recharge or dive back into  Corks dynamic nightlife. We have plenty suggestions…

Accommodation: Ambassador Hotel, Cork City

What a week it’s been!  You’ve seen some of the most jaw dropping places in the country, drank the finest beer, met the most passionate brewers, ate the freshest of food, and met the finest of people. What more could we possibly have left you ask? Plenty…

As iconic as they come, no visit to Ireland is complete without experiencing Whiskey – in the home of Whiskey. The Jamesons Distillery in Middleton, Co Cork  brings all the brands you know and love together, whether it’s Powers, Paddy, Red Breast or just good old fashioned Jameson, you’re exactly where you need to be. It’s almost a pilgrimage!

The journey gets even more exciting as we travel back into the midlands, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve. We stop briefly in Kilkenny for light lunch before moving onto the magic that is Dublin. It’s  high above Dublin from the vantage point of The Gravity Bar at St James’s Gate that you will truly reflect on your week. A week with friends, old and new, a week building great memories. All while looking out over a perfect pint of Guinness to the city that was almost built around it. It’s as iconic as it gets and, to you, we say Slainte! See you there.

This morning an airport drop off will done to facilitate this that are departing this morning. Time to be TBA.

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